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June 7, 2008

Overload same xul element twice

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My extension MoreKomodo overloads many elements

  • command set
  • toolbar buttons
  • menu items
  • find results tab

Due to my laziness I’ve added all these overloaded elements in main morekomodoOverlay.xul file.

It contains not-strictly-related code all together, for example the find results tab code is separated from other UI elements.

I’ve found very useful to overload more than once the same element inside chrome.manifest to isolate xul code and also javascript code.

It’s very easy

overlay  chrome://komodo/content/komodo.xul chrome://morekomodo/content/modokomodoOverlay.xul
overlay  chrome://komodo/content/komodo.xul chrome://morekomodo/content/findResultsOverlay.xul

That’s all folks 😛


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