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November 30, 2010

Off topic post about XUL, Apple, Google and Open Source

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I don’t write about XUL since a long time, this is due to the fact I’m spending all my free time writing a Cocoa application for Mac (no iPhone).

I don’t like Apple policies, and I don’t like its “app store” vision, so why I’m writing a Mac app?

In last months I saw Google Chrome be adopted in many places (dropping Firefox), I saw Google Android growing its market share, I saw the “fascist” Apple policy go ahead like a panzer division and this isn’t the web I love.

I don’t like the technically limited Google Chrome browser and I don’t like the “bells and whistles” java based Android OS.

I believe in the Mozilla’s motto “Make the web a better place” but I need to gain from my (low) skill because I’m a person and I need to eat at least one time per day.

I love the Gecko architecture but it’s very difficult (al least for me) monetize my XUL/XPCOM know-how so why not to make a new experience?

I can invest some months to learn Cocoa (its learning curve is high) and create another unuseful duplicated old-designed app ready to be refused-then-hopefully-approved on the future Mac Store.

Firefox 4 is closer to be released (IMHO), the beta 8 is simply fantastic but people continue to switch to Chrome only because it’s faster, if you ask to normal users why they use Chrome they will say “because it’s faster”, bleah NO COMMENT.

Developers say “Webkit Developers Tools is like Firebug” then I reply “are you sure?”, Firebug has tons of features you don’t know, RTFM!

I’ve a couple of feature requests for ViewSourceWith and Table2Clipboard so I hope to close XCode ugly editor to launch my Komodo Edit and start again to work on my preferred platform, the Mozilla platform!



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  2. if you ask to normal users why they use Chrome they will say “because it’s faster”

    In real life, I’ve never heard this; I’ve had people tell me (in person-to-person conversations) they switched to Chrome because of a more minimal UI footprint at the top of the window. One of those people is a senior in a computer science program (in the US), and said nothing of performance. I’m not going to say that it didn’t factor into the decisions subconsciously, though.

    (I’ve had exactly one person tell me that they switched to Chrome and performance explicitly factored into the decision. He was switching away from Internet Explorer, though, not Firefox.)

    Comment by Colby Russell — November 30, 2010 @ 2:33 pm

  3. The number one thing I use Chrome on Mac: Integration with the Keychain app where I store all of my username/password pairs. It also uses the certificates in the keychain so I don’t have to have separate certificates for my browser and the rest of the system. Fix those and then I’ll have a look at Mozilla Chrome, I mean Firefox.

    Comment by comctrl6 — December 1, 2010 @ 3:26 am

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