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April 12, 2009

Should Komodo macros have to support auto update? (Sunday Thought)

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The Komodo macro ecosystem grows quickly and many state-of-art macros born every day.

I’ve already said in the past that Komodo macro environment is powerful like Microsoft VBA although it has many lacks (like UI creation).

I would have a similar environment on every Mozilla based application something like a KoMonkey or GreaseModo 😛 (Komodo macros plus GreaseMonkey).

Macros become more complex and the authors release many revisions thanks to community feedback but today it is difficult to stay tuned when new versions are published.

Adding an update checker to KPZ files is possible but not easy, many technical aspects must be considered.

Today the best approach consists to pack macros like extensions (XPI files) but developers need deeper knowledge and this should be frustrating.

I’m sure the Komodo macros are at the beginning of a radical evolution


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