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April 9, 2009

XUL search terms used to arrive here

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Very often I take a look at search terms used to arrive on my blog, a practice that I use to understand people needs about XUL.

Obviously it is only a funny exercise because this blog receives a ridiculous count of visits per month (~200) and the search terms are a very very very little subset of XUL related terms but I want to share with my readers (six or seven) this statistic.

Terms are sorted by views and divided in two categories: general XUL and Komodo specific

General XUL search terms

  1. nsiwebprogresslistener
  2. xul textbox css
  3. mccoy firefox
  4. xul menuitem image
  5. xul style tab
  6. mccoy command line
  7. xul synchronize scrollbars
    removing scrollbar xul, firefox 3.x (after 10th position but strictly related)
  8. xul paste clipboard as html text
  9. mdc notifyobservers example
  10. vsw thunderbird

Many people has problems with McCoy (3rd and 6th), indeed signing extensions is a very awful process.
I use an ANT build and the Massimiliamo Mirra’s StarTrek friend Mr Spock.

Styling XUL widgets and their color modifications (2nd, 4th and 5th) are mystical activities, people doesn’t read documentation and ignores the -moz-appearance existence.

Scrollbar synchronization is an hot topic, I used a simple DOM event based approach but I admit it isn’t so obvious.

People uses ViewSourceWith with Thunderbird, I’m glad to read this but honestly ViewSourceWith is a browser related extension.

Komodo specific

  1. komodo scintilla
  2. komodo snippets
  3. komodo color schemes
  4. komodo syntax checking disable
  5. komodo copy with color
  6. komodo adding colors
  7. komodo clipboard
  8. komodo macro open new browser window
  9. komodo command openkomodo
  10. dafizilla klint for komodo ide

Many people wants to style its Komodo installation like with Firefox (3rd) but many people hates the native lint checker UI (4th and 10th).

The Komodo linter UI is awful (IMHO) and my extension Klint seems to be known as a valid enhancement, well I’m very glad πŸ˜› πŸ˜› hey guys, run to donate πŸ˜‰

Using clipboard from macros is an hot topic I suppose developers don’t know version 5 contains xtk.clipboard namespace.

Snippets are aΒ  leitmotiv, I have some ideas about a website dedicated to komodo snippets and macros but I need days with 35-39 hours before deploy it.

The masterpiece

  1. mature blonde girl

I don’t know how it is possible to arrive to a blog dedicated to XUL and other computer related materials searching porn-like terms πŸ˜›

I’m very curious and I would like to know the terms used to arrive to bigger blogs on planet.mozilla


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