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November 4, 2008

Komodo 5 released

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The day has come, Komodo Edit 5 and its big brother Komodo IDE 5 have been released.

You can read complete feature list here, I want to speak about some technical aspects.

  • Komodo is the best text editor using Mozilla technologies now based on Firefox 3 (i.e. gecko 1.9)
  • Now the old mono-window notification-based mechanism is no more supported (read here) because multi windows works greatly
  • Simplified many document operation (read here)
  • Many cool extensions already compatible with 5.0 (read here)
  • Many Firefox extensions works like a charm (I love DOM Inspector*)
  • New APIs for extension developers

I’ve some problems to run it under Linux (also Ubuntu 8.10) because crashes but ko5 is amazing.

I’ve updated the wiki adding “View Events” but I want to change radically approach, something like MDC where APIs are well documented.

Documenting API is a very complex work but I will try ASAP 😉

* Running DOM Inspector can require the following macro
window.openDialog(“chrome://inspector/content/”, “_blank”, “chrome,all,dialog=no”);


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