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October 13, 2008

Komodo 5: how to detect when a document is attached to an existing view

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Komodo 5 in under construction but developers can start to appreciate the new features working with alphas and SVN sources…

Another weapon is available to Komodo extension developer, version 5 make easier to be informed when the document attached to a view changes.

A couple of new events (remember notifications are no more supported for view operations) are finally available

  • view_document_attached
  • view_document_detaching

Both events put into event.originalTarget the view involved and the view.document object is never null.

Obviously can be null the view.document.file property, for example when user chooses File|New File… from menu.

The code shown below creates a new document and attaches it to the current view, developer doesn’t need to notify using its own code but it is sufficient to listen the standard view_document_attached

var uri = "..";
var newDoc = Components


// At this time Komodo 5 fires the view_document_attached event
ko.views.manager.currentView.document = newDoc;

view_opened bug fix

The well known 4.4.x notification/event view_opened has been fixed on Komodo 5 to have the document property correctly set.

Prior Komodo 5 the view sent during notification had (amazingly!) the document set to null 😯

The view_opened and view_document_attached are strictly related, when a file is opened the view receives both events.

Klint will use view_document_attached to disable syntax checking based on file path regular expressions (eg disable syntax checker for all “.*log” files)


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