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August 7, 2008

Alea iacta est: OpenKomodo localized

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Alea iacta est the first OpenKomodo lang pack has landed.

I’ve already spoken about KomodoEdit localization and now the french Babelzilla team has terminated the first version, the official announcement has posted at Mozilla Europe site.

I’m very happy, I’ve developed macros to simplify lang pack testing and created a simple webapp to convert babelzilla locale tarballs to installable xpi langpacks.

Maybe ActiveState guys hate me because the translation idea started from me, but I believe localized (and open) softwares are simpler to use in schools, poor information environments and any low profile educational eco-systems.

The italian lang pack is coming soon, I will be very proud to use KomodoEdit in my mother tongue.

I hope other localizations can arrive very soon


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