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May 3, 2008

VisualDiffer: a new Komodo extension

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When I migrated to Ubuntu I loose some important developer tools like UltraEdit and Beyond Compare two closed-source commercial applications representing the state-of-art like editor and file comparator.

I’ve created MoreKomodo (the original name was UltraKomodo 😛 ) to add to KomodoEdit the UltraEdit features I need.

Folders and files comparison tools under Gnome are poor so I’ve decided to create my own differ application based on KomodoEdit for at least three reasons

KomodoEdit is open source

KomodoEdit is XUL based so I can develop re-using my know-how

KomodoEdit is multiplatform (thanks to Mozilla Gecko Engine)

Finally I’ve finished the first stable version of VisualDiffer, it misses many features but I hope to add them.


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