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March 27, 2008

KomodoEdit and smart tab switch

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Today I’ve discovered again (and again) other programmers have my same needs.

I do intensive use of tab switcher during my editing sessions, Control-Tab is my preferred key sequence.

When I need to use Eclipse I love the ability to access to the buffer list using the little arrow placed at buffer tabs end.

You can type buffer title to quickly focus the buffer or use arrows keys, very cool.

KomodoEdit offers very poor ways to move between views so I wrote my TabSwitcher to mimic Eclipse feature.

Today I’ve read a post on ActiveState’s forum where another user has my same needs and I’ve decided to share my bonsai extension with the community, I hope the community appreciates my work.

Maybe I should create a website page for TabSwitcher but I’m so lazy and maybe user feedback can be very low.


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