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March 15, 2008

Komodo and readonly behavior

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Komodo editor handles read-only in a incomplete manner, at least for me.

The truly question is “what read-only means?” A file can be read-only but also an editor buffer can be read-only.

Komodo handles read-only files is a smart way, it opens file and shows a little lock on editor tab but user can edit the text buffer, it isn’t marked as read-only.

If user tries to save a warning message pops up allowing to choose if saving must be forced or cancelled.

Cool sure but I want to mark editor buffer as temporary read-only irrespective to file flag, this feature is missing on Komodo but scintilla has a readonly property.

I’ve added to MoreKomodo the ability to mark editor buffers as “edit locked”.

I think “edit locked” sounds good then “buffer read-only”.

The code is straightforward, simply sent the scintilla readonly property as shown below

     onToogleLockEdit : function() {
        var view = ko.views.manager.currentView;
        view.scintilla.scimoz.readOnly = !view.scintilla.scimoz.readOnly;

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