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February 15, 2008

RichScrollbar sunset

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RichScrollbar extension, RSB for friends, is quite simple and not intrusive but technically is a big compromise.
It is written as  XBL component and runs inside chrome context and  browser content context.

Under Firefox 3 beta1 and beta2 RSB after some fix worked like a charm, when beta3 arrived RSB was broken.

Mark Finkle helped me to understand why RSB didn’t work and we discover FF3 fixed a security bug on XBL.

Now it is impossible to make RSB functional on browser windows, it works only on chrome dialogs.

I surrend, period! I have not enough technical knowledge to dig for a workaround.

I consider terminated the RSB development, the XBL documentation is poor and all my help requests haven’t received reply except Mark.

Honestly I’m sad, I love RSB and I prefer it to Mouse Gestures, I’ll continue to search for a fix but it is very difficult to find.

Mark helped me and I would say thank to him, great people work at Mozilla.


February 14, 2008

Extend Firefox 2 Contest and other surprises

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January and February are very important months for my programming activites.

In January ActiveState guys gave me a KomodoIDE license for my contribution to their OpenKomodo wiki, a great unexpected surprise, the first one.

A couple of days ago Mozilla published the Extend Firefox 2 Contest and I discovered my name on “Runners up” list, a great
unexpected surprise, the second one.
I can figure out ViewSourceWith is the winner, no! The winner is Table2Clipboard my outsider extension, a great unexpected surprise, the third one.

I’m happy that other people appreciates my work.

My feed reader alerts me, LifeHacker has new contents, I take a look and found they speak about Table2Clipboard, a great unexpected surprise, the fourth one.

ActivateState gave me a KomodoIDE license, EF2 prices contain a KomodoIDE license, now I have two KomodoIDE license, another surprise the fifth 😀

Mumble mumble… may I sell the unused license?

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