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January 7, 2008

OpenKomodo namespace API

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When you want to write extensions or macros for OpenKomodo you discover many new XPCOM interfaces to use, they are so much that you can be confused.

Komodo programmers fortunately have simplified XPCOM usage wrapping a bunch of them in easy-to-call functions.

These function are incapsulated in namespace as modern Javascript dictates, every namespace can contains several functions.

Table below shows OpenKomodo namespaces, good luck 😉

Namespace Description
ko.browse Functions to launch browsers
ko.commands Functions to handling commands
ko.dragDrop Functions to handle drag&drop of files onto Komodo
ko.eggs Easter egg
ko.filepicker Functions to wrap nsIFilePicker Functions to simplify launch help pages
ko.inputBuffer Functions to capture user input while a slow XUL window is loading
ko.interpolate Functions to easily use the KoIInterpolationService from JavaScript
ko.isearch Functions to handle incremental searches
ko.launch Functions to launch dialogs like Extension Manager, Watcher, Diff
ko.lint Functions to access lint from Javascript
ko.logging Functions to access the logging system from Javascript
ko.main Functions to hook Komodo startup/shutdown
ko.markers Scintilla image markers used in Komodo
ko.mru Functions to handle MRU Functions to open buffer editors
ko.printing Functions to handle printer Functions to handle run output window
ko.statusBar Functions to handle status bar
ko.stringutils Functions to work with strings
ko.uilayout Functions to handle various UI features
ko.uriparse Functions to convert/parse strings representing URLs
ko.window Functions to get window informations
ko.windowManager Functions to handle windows

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