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November 24, 2007

ViewSourceWith thoughts

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I don’t change the ViewSourceWith code (VSW for friends) from a couple of months, what this means?

Stability (??)

Maybe VSW is simply stable and doesn’t require fixes/improvements or simply nobody uses it.

I’m the author and the first user; for me VSW fits like a glove, I love the ability to edit the textboxes inside my editor.

FAQs, forums and AMO reviews

The forum traffic is low, users tell me only “how can I do” questions and many times answers are already present in faq pages, no bugs found, no really improvements required.

Users’ posts on AMO review page suggest me the faq pages aren’t read.

The King is dead. Long live the King!

Every software that doesn’t require improvements or bug fixes is obsolete, the life cycle has been completed, is VSW dead? The answer is: NO!

I would receive more feedback from VSW’s users but how can I ask to them, where I can ask to them?

I want to do very little improvements

  • add a statusbar
  • show toolbar icon after installation

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