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June 9, 2007

Cygwin managed mount points and bad filenames… when UGLY == %55%47%4C%59

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I love cygwin, I can’t live without it but not all features are so cool.

Recently I’ve used cygwin managed mount points, a cool feature that allows you to create symbolic links in Microsoft Windows. So if you write

mount -f -s -b -o managed "c:/prj/src/java" /srcjava

you can use /srcjava to access to mounted directory, e.g. ls /srcjava

But if you create files containing uppercase letters in names they are shown in strange manner.

For example the file UGLY is shown as %55%47%4C%59 (percent sign followed by decimal ASCII value for every character).

This behaviour is ugly for me and so I’ve dropped all managed mountpoints!

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